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Drama / United Kingdom / 17 min.

An unemployed IT systems manager gets neurotically obsessed that his wife is cheating on him and tries to catch her out.

Director: Anya Camilleri
Producer: Gerry Maguire
Writer: Simon Burke

Action/Adventure / USA / 12 min.

A young wife's downward spiral is triggered by suspicions of her husband's infidelity.

Director: Ellie Foumbi
Producer: Eric Unverzagt, Ellie Foumbi
Writer: Ellie Foumbi, Eric Unverzagt
Lost Village

Drama / Georgia / 16 min.

A middle-aged man and woman are the only ones living in an abandoned village when lights start appearing in some of the empty houses. Each character reacts to this phenomenon differently. Their lives will never be the same again.

Director: George Todria
Producer: George Todria, Gorka Gomez Andreu
Writer: Maka Kukulava
Dust & Resin

Drama / England / 10 min.

Out of money and options, twenty-something Simone pays a visit to an intimacy-starved pensioner to make some quick cash.

Director: Stephen Parker, Jess Clark
Producer: Jess Clark, Joel Mishcon
Writer: Stephen Parker, Tara Gladden-Stacey

Drama / USA / 13 min.

Sophie is an 8-year old living in Hong Kong, and when she misses a class trip to the zoo due to her mother's absence, she invites an exchange of multi-generational wisdom that may take her a lifetime to unpack.

Director: Alexandra Hsu
Producer: Alexandra Hsu, Malay Prakash
Writer: Dominique Holmes, Alexandra Hsu
Napoleon |The Ticket

Animation / USA / 1 min.

Follow Napoleon Bonaparte, everyone’s favorite vertically challenged dictator, as he learns to interact with the modern day world in this animated short film. When his trusty stead gets a parking ticket, Napoleon is forced to come to grips with his new stature in society.

Director: Matthew Berenty
Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Writer: Matthew Berenty
Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland

Documentary / USA / 14 min.

Joshua Tree National Park, with its mysterious rock formations and iconic trees, has long provided a haven for those seeking an inspirational experience. But with current threats from air pollution, fires, and global warming, scientists believe the majority of Joshua Trees will be gone in less than eighty years. As the trees disappear, this amazing wonderland will be changed forever.

Director: Bill Wisneski
Producer: Bill Wisneski
Writer: Ashley Olson
Diablo (Devil)

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 21 min.

Somewhere in Northern California, a construction worker finds a large sum of money while excavating a job site but when he learns that it is “blood money” from a drug lord, he decides to take justice into his own hands with unexpected consequences.

Director: Paula Saslow
Producer: AJ Ghosh
Writer: Paula Saslow